The services we provide

Boards based on the nature of the business and the culture of the owners

Advisory Boards

Board Committees based on the business and industry specifics

Board and Senior Management succession plans

Indicators for an effective Board self-assessment

Indicators for an effective CEO´s assessment

Tax optimization and international structuring


The CEO and the Board Members to achieve outstanding performances

The Senior Management candidates for future Board positions

The Board quality structure and performance, on two levels: general assessment and in-depth diagnosis

The CEO´s performance against specific parameters/best practices

The quality of non executive/independent directors

The culture of the organization against current business needs

The Company’s comprehensive quality processes based on The Quality Awards Guidelines

The Company’s innovation readiness

The Company’s Cyber security preparation

The Company’s preparation for strategic alliances with third parties and M&A readiness

Improving the structure of an existing Board by adding  the talent to face transformational processes

The selection of the CEO and Board members

Determining the necessary frequency of the meetings of the Board and its Committees

Determining strategic priorities and plans, with the collaboration of our in economics and industries specialists

Determining risk appetite quality, and the assembly of “Risk Maps.”

Designing key performance indicators for the Board use 

Training Board members in Agile Culture and Digital Transformation environment

Structuring the training of Senior Management based on the Board’s priorities

Identifying external training needs for members of the Board of Directors and Senior Management

Documenting the Board’s operating processes

Analyzing the financial and fiscal structure for financing or capitalization alternatives

Boards  (not as members of BDT Advisory LLC)

Advisory Boards with professionals selected from our industry specialists (i.e., banking and finance, Oil and Gas, retail, automotive)